1. Awon // Beautiful Loser


  2. frankiehentai:

    Drunk In Love (Remix) // The Weeknd

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  3. sulliv-n:

    Bright Eyes//It’s Cool We Can Still Be Friends

    Yeah, you even sleep over sometimes
    But we stay in our clothes
    I’m only there so you’re not alone

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  4. MellowHype // Stripclub


  5. KR$CHN // So Far Away (feat. Rachael Ward)


  6. naasMUSIC // Asthma


  7. Beat Culture // Shibuya (ft. KID A)


  8. Willow Beats // Blue


  9. The Neighbourhood // Let It Go (Ghost Loft Remix)


  10. Lapalux // Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham)